We Were Weavers

For three centuries the farms and factories of Ulster were at the heart of the Irish linen industry.

Inspired by our ancestors’ industrial spirit and created in honour of the men and women who toiled in the flax fields and laboured in the linen mills of Ulster, we have crafted Weavers Gin.

A citrus burst of pink grapefruit interwoven with sweet floral notes and delicately draped in the creamy smoothness of genuine Irish flax seeds

Weavers Gin

42.5 % abv

Nose: A citrus burst of grapefruit, lime and lemon interwoven with delicately sweet lavender, rose and Jasmine as fresh and clean as the linen this gin is inspired by.

Taste: A rich tapestry of flavours. Zesty citrus and juniper making way for gentle peppery heat, delicately balanced with velvety sweet pear, honey, jasmine and calming elderflower.

Finish: A subtle woody finish. Earthy underpinnings of almond, flax and angelica root delicately draped in warming clove and threaded with hints of juicy oranges.

Mouthfeel: Warm and slightly dry with a creamy smoothness from the genuine Irish flax seeds.

Serve: One part Weavers Dry Gin to three parts premium tonic. Garnish with a slice of orange and fresh rosemary over ice.


For more than three hundred years, linen was Ireland’s largest industry. From the fields to the factories, linen production threaded through farms and towns across the north of Ireland.


Unrivalled in its quality and design, Ulster linen clothed the rich and famous and adorned the dressing rooms of royalty. It dressed the tables of the Titanic and covered the wings of the Royal Flying Corps as they flew in to battle in The Great War.


The fabric of Ulster was the envy of the world. We raise a toast in its honour.

In their fields by the shores of Strangford Lough, the Braniff family tended their flax crop. At the height of summer, the blue of the flax flowers, the still lough waters and the cloudless sky weaved together to drape the landscape in seamless blue beauty.


That proud linen heritage has threaded its way through the generations to Shane Braniff of The Echlinville Distillery.


In honour of his ancestors and the thousands of men and women who crafted Ulster’s linen, Shane has created Weavers Gin.


A rich tapestry of flavours, Weavers Gin as crisp, cool and clean as the linen it is inspired by.